Reinventing democracy in Africa through collective intelligence
Renewing democratic thinking in Africa based on endogenous knowledge
Document, model and disseminate successful experiences
Re-energize women and young people committed to democracy

Bringing democratic innovation to life in Africa

The Innovation for Democracy Foundation is a pan-African organization incorporated under South African law. A network of laboratories, its mission is to extend its influence across the continent, in dialogue with the African diaspora and the rest of the world.

Its mission is to promote research and the production of new thinking on democracy in Africa, to provide venues, tools and resources to facilitate dialogue and the promotion of collective intelligence, to deploy educational programs to help local players take charge of their own future, and to support networks that promote original initiatives in the field of innovation for democracy in Africa.

Our 4 main missions


To promote open research, the gathering of endogenous knowledge, the debate of ideas, the sharing of understandings and the joint production of new thinking to reinvent democracy in Africa.


Deploy new training courses, thematic schools, camps, communities, citizen conversations and online or face-to-face debates to learn democracy in a different way and strengthen skills, autonomy and commitment.


Identify, support, connect and publicize groups and initiatives in favor of democracy led by women and young people.


Disseminate, publicize and make available intellectual and educational resources produced, sourced or even crowd-sourced. Disseminate information on democracy in Africa.

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