The Foundation’s Annual Meetings

Location : Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

Date : July 9-12, 2023

Partners : Labo ouest  

Contact :

Registration: Closed

The Grand Bassam Meetings are the first in a cycle of annual gatherings organized in collaboration with African and international institutions. Reflecting the Foundation’s multi-stakeholder DNA, they provide a space for cross-disciplinary dialogue, bringing together three categories of participants: (1) researchers and representatives from the academic world; (2) players in the field; (3) institutional players.

This year’s theme is “Democracy in Africa: State of play and new directions”, with four objectives: (1) to build shared diagnoses of the state of democracy in Africa; (2) to take stock of new understandings and innovations in democratic practices, with a view to getting to know the players, networking them, mapping them and amplifying their visibility and impact; (3) devise new ways of accompanying and supporting the emergence of new views and a new democratic culture; (4) encourage new forms of funding for democratic initiatives at work on the continent, particularly in the fields of research, training and action.