Women Camp dedicated to women’s leadership

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Women Camp

Dates : October 2024

Lieu : Goree Institute, Senegal

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Women Camp: a programme dedicated to women’s leadership and to building a community of women committed to democracy, in collaboration with the Goree Institute.

Democracy is built on representation, through procedures, deliberations, ex-pertise and opinions expressed within a fully inclusive institutional framework. However, of all the inequalities that mark African societies and hamper the construction of democracy, the most serious consequences for the present and the future are those that affect the “younger members of society”, in particular young people and women. These two categories are far from homogeneous. There are many social differences between them and many internal conflicts. What they have in common, however, is that they are at the forefront of the major innovations taking place on the continent. Whether in terms of food, health, education, the environment or, more generally, access to livelihoods, their contribution to the well-being of their communities is vital.

In partnership with one or more cultural venues, the Women Camp programme will be dedicated to women. Its aim is to examine the conditions needed to deepen democracy in Africa from a gender-specific perspective.