Positive Futures Journey: Women take charge of their future

Location : Gorée, Senegal

Contact : contact@innovationdemocratie.org

A 100% women’s foresight program. To imagine, promote and implement solutions for substantive democracy in Africa.

One of today’s challenges is to change ways of thinking, to generate new flows of ideas, to strengthen the power to act, to imagine that tomorrow may not look like today, and that it is possible, at one’s own level, to become a driving force for change. These challenges are even greater for women.

In partnership with the Institut des futurs souhaitables, the Foundation is offering a positive foresight course, co-facilitated using a proven methodology with a partner in the South. The course is aimed at African women wishing to become involved in democracy, and will consist of two face-to-face gatherings and a digital animation.

Twenty women from across the continent – activists, teacher-researchers, women leaders, civil society representatives, artists and jurists – come together to think about and design a democratic future for Africa, giving everyone a voice and a future, especially women.