Get involved

Take part in debates, follow our training courses, become a partner… Discover all the ways you can get involved with the Innovation for Democracy Foundation.

Participate in our events, training courses and research programs

The Innovation Foundation for Democracy is also involved in key events in Africa, such as the Foundation’s Annual Meetings, the “Democracy Curriculum” research program in Senegal, and Citizen Conversations in Johannesburg… all of which contribute to the reinvention of democracy through collective intelligence. Come and join us!

Apply for our calls for projects, applications and contributions

We regularly issue calls for applications for research and training programs, as well as calls for contributions and projects. These are generally available on our website or via our social networks. Not to be missed if you want to get involved and contribute to the development of democracy in Africa.

Feeding crowdsourcing

Democratic thinking is built in common and feeds on the common. If you wish to share knowledge, endogenous know-how, ideas, new thoughts, experiences, articles, books, voices… aligned with our values, they will feed our resources, the cartography or our thoughts. Soon, a platform for debate and crowdsourcing will facilitate this collection.

Become a partner, co-financier, co-organizer

Companies, universities, associations… We need your support to make the voice of democracy resound in Africa. Join us in supporting the cause! Financing a project, hosting an event, making experts available… we rely on collaboration and joining forces.

Follow us on social media

Interested in our initiatives to promote democracy in Africa? Find out everything on our platforms and stay informed in real-time! We’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Giving a voice to committed artists

Because art is ahead of its time, because it moves, challenges, transforms the way we look at things, makes our thinking “tremble”, opens gaps and shows the way, it awakens and nourishes democracy. Here you’ll find works and artists who can help to promote the richness of African creativity and nourish the democratic dynamic.

Participate in debates

We’ll soon be launching a debate platform on our website, enabling everyone to discuss key issues for Africans.
Stay tuned!